Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn was assaulted Sunday, March 3, while visiting the Finsbury Park mosque and attached Muslim Welfare Centre. Witnesses reported that a man came up behind Corbyn and hit him on the head with an egg as he spoke with community leaders.

The man was said to have shouted, "When you vote, you get what you vote for," before striking.

Speaking on social media, Shadow Home Secretary, Diane Abbott wrote of the incident: "I was there. He punched Jeremy very hard. He happened to have an egg in his palm. But it could have been a knife. Horrible." Metropolitan police said that the assailant was John Murphy, 31, and that he would appear before a judge on March 19.

The event took place at the same mosque which was targeted by right-wing extremist Darren Osborne on June 19, 2017, when he rammed a rented van into a crowd of worshippers leaving the mosque, killing one and wounding twelve. Corbyn later tweeted that his visit had gone very well, saying "Let's build bridges not walls."

Jeremy Bernard Corbyn is a British politician serving as Leader of the Labour Party and Leader of the Opposition since 2015. Corbyn was first elected Member of Parliament (MP) for Islington North in 1983. Ideologically, he identifies himself as a democratic socialist.

Corbyn was elected Labour leader in 2015. Taking the party to the left, he advocated renationalisation of public utilities and the railways, a less interventionist military policy, and reversals of austerity cuts to welfare and public services. After Labour MPs sought to remove him in 2016, he won a second leadership contest. Although critical of the European Union, he supported continued membership in the 2016 referendum. In the 2017 general election, Labour again finished as the second-largest party in parliament, but increased their share of the vote to 40%, resulting in a net gain of 30 seats and a hung parliament.

Corbyn has been criticised in relation to allegations of antisemitism in the Labour Party and for alleged antisemitic associations prior to becoming leader. Corbyn has apologised and asserted his record of opposing antisemitism and his commitment to rooting it out in the party.