Nowadays, artificial intelligence and robots are causing a lot of controversial discussions. There are many important people that support the potential of these technologies to change the world, but the don’t agree on what kind of an impact will this change have on the average person.

AI and robotics are already disrupting many industries, like Agriculture, Energy and Mining, Healthcare, Manufacturing or Retail. Jobs like driver, chef, financial analyst, construction workers or other manual labor jobs risk to disappear as a consequence of implementing these technologies. It seems that the days of a guaranteed job for life are long gone. But these technologies are also creating opportunities for people to learn new skills and have more interesting work—perhaps even in job categories that don’t yet exist.

These changes will force us to change our mindset, in order to avoid becoming casualties of progress. We need to find ways to adapt in a workplace increasingly dominated by software.  Here are some tips you should consider in order to stay relevant in our fast changing world:

Embrace technology: You must keep up with current technology and the best way to do it is to be an early adapter. Don’t stop reading about new technologies and trends in this field. This will help you be prepared to work with the emerging tech, instead of being displaced by them.

Be a creative person: In the future, more often than not, you will be called to use your mind, rather than your hands to generate new products. A valuable resource will be those people who manage to creatively interpret data to help streamline data and improve processes.

Don’t stop upgrading your skills: Nobody can predict what the most sought-after jobs will be 10 years from now, but some of the knowledge and skills for these jobs can be identified in advance.

Don’t neglect your communication skills: Most technology will be used to assist employees, not replace them. So, it will always be vital to communicate with colleagues and customers on a human level, regardless of how automated the workplace becomes.

Be very adaptable: The days of a guaranteed job for life are long gone. More, in the future, job responsibilities will be much more diverse. If you’re the type who can only handle one responsibility, or focus on one task at a time, you may not go far.